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Protect Your Nature Wonder Table

Wood is a natural material that can change even after processing, e.g. due to temperature fluctuations. For example, smaller cracks can occur, which is a typical property for a product that is made entirely of solid wood and that is what makes these solid wooden tables so special.

Any changes, cracks or crevices, are to be considered as completely normal and typical for a product made of solid wood, both upon receipt of the goods and in the subsequent period, and cannot be recognized as a deficiency in the event of complaints.

Avoid direct sunlight. Unfiltered UV rays discolor and damage wood, lacquers, fabrics and leather over shorter or longer periods. So it is better not to put the furniture in direct sunlight if your rooms allow it. If your furniture is exposed to sunlight, you can use curtains for protection - the most effective is sun protection curtains - which you can attach and close during the intense hours of sunshine. To avoid shadows and traces due to intense solar radiation, do not leave any objects permanently on or lie on them for the first few weeks after moving in your new furniture. By the way, conifers are particularly sensitive to light.

In particular, tree slices should be stored under the same light as the table itself for at least 6 weeks after delivery, since the wood darkens slightly. Both the table and the tree slice are living room furniture. The wood warps when improperly stored or installed in a damp or cold environment.

If you want to move your table to another room, please remove the attached table frame from the tabletop. They prevent the feet from bumping against the walls and the table and objects while being carried

to damage.

Before using your massive wooden table for the first time, you should dry all surfaces

Wipe the cloth thoroughly.

Please never use harsh detergents, scouring milk or dripping wet cloths to clean or clean your solid wood tables. For heavy soiling, a mild detergent dissolved in water can be used. Always dry the surfaces thoroughly after cleaning.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time by phone at +49 (0) 2265 980 09 30 or by email at

We hope you enjoy your new furniture!

Yours sincerely

Your Royale Wood Möbel GmbH team