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Care and Customer Service

Care instruction for your solid wood furniture

The slightest signs of wear can arise during assembly or daily use. This is completely normal and not a manufacturing defect. This is not a reason for complaints.

Also, never push objects over your furniture as they can scratch the surface. To repair small damages such as dents, pressure marks, etc. (only with oiled surfaces) you can "iron them out" with a damp cloth and an iron.

Sharp and pointed objects should not get on the surface.

Liquids such as coffee, water, alcohol, etc. should be wiped off immediately. Stains on oiled (!) Furniture can be carefully removed with fine steel wool or a sanding sponge, after which they should be treated with oil.

Warm objects such as hot cups etc. must not be placed directly on the surface.

Use only mild water-based agents for cleaning or wipe with a damp cloth in the direction of the grain of the wood and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Avoid using sharp cleaning and cleaning agents.

In damp rooms, please ensure regular ventilation. Excessively dry air also promotes warping of the solid wood parts.

Maintain your furniture regularly.

Information about solid wood

This piece of furniture is made of solid wood. The woods are z. T. glued in rods to furniture panels so that they do not warp/throw. This results in a wood structure that only makes the piece of furniture lively and beautiful - a typical characteristic of solid wood. Wood is not a uniform or homogeneous material; every tree, every piece of solid wood has its unique characteristics. This means that solid wood furniture also has special signs of origin. Characteristics of this naturally grown materials are color and structure differences, adhesions, irregularities, pressure points, branches, resin gall, hair and cross cracks as well as tensions (growth), which differ depending on the type of wood and growth area. There are authenticity features that give the wood its natural beauty and make every piece of furniture unique. Due to these natural features, the surface structure can be different, these color differences - light and dark areas - are proof of a natural product.

It is also customary to eliminate wood-related errors by inserting bough spots and/or lamellae. All the above characteristics are proof of natural origin and do not give cause for complaint. The function, use, value and durability of this furniture are not affected.


Wood is a natural material that constantly absorbs and releases moisture, depending on the moisture content of the local environment. That is why furniture should not be exposed to extremely high or low humidity. Otherwise the wood starts to work again, warp, show open glue joints or cracks. The indoor climate that is best for people and plants (medicine and science recommend annual average values ​​of 45-55% humidity at 18-23 ° C, short-term deviations do not harm)

Exposure to light on furniture:

Strong artificial and especially sunlight changes surfaces, especially wooden surfaces. This type of "sunburn" causes natural wood to yellow and stained wood to fade. Protect your valuable furniture from extreme exposure to light, as 100% lightfastness cannot be achieved due to the material. Sunlight changes all materials!


Solid wood is a "living" material that can change slightly with strong fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Since only well-seasoned woods are used in the production, this effect is limited to a minimum. Function and use-value are in no way restricted. Solid wood furniture should not be exposed to extremely dry central heating air and excessive, extremely wet and low room temperatures.

Your piece of furniture feels comfortable in the following room climate:

Temperature stable: 18 - 23 ° C

Humidity stable: 45 - 55

No direct sunlight on the furniture.

We hope you enjoy our furniture.

Customer service case

Should there still be a reason for complaints, please fill out the following form and email it to

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